Algorithmic trading

In order to generate the best possible performance for our clients, we draw on the latest technological advances and integrate our expertise with them. Working together with vastly experienced programmers, our traders and analysts have developed automated trading algorithms. These algorithms trade with the utmost precision in accordance with our specified parameters and are integrated into your trading account. Our trading department of course monitors the activities of the algorithm on an ongoing basis and can, where necessary, alter the trading parameters and make manual interventions at any time depending on market requirements.

This interaction enables us to continuously ensure the best possible execution of the strategy developed by us, while at the same time meeting your needs in terms of your capital. 

We contribute our experience, intuition, market understanding and goal setting expertise to supplement the precision, logic, efficiency and risk control offered by the algorithm. Your positions are therefore monitored around the clock and trading activity is constantly in keeping with the level of risk you are willing to take on and your expected return.

Our client advisors will be happy to provide you with information on past performance and comparative results with other investment products as well as further important detailed information on our trading algorithms.