Investment advice / asset management–FX

In performing our mandate activities, we enter into a triangular relationship with our clients and the custodian. We help you open your personal trading account, manage it according to the investment profile that we create together with you and provide you with transparent information regarding all associated fees and costs. Together with you, your personal client advisor draws up an investment profile that reflects your current situation in life. During this process, your return expectations as well as your risk tolerance and capacity are also identified. Based on your investment profile, our team of experts creates a suitable investment strategy, which is systematically incorporated at every step. 

Your client advisor keeps you informed on an ongoing basis as regards the performance achieved and the general situation.

The mandate relationship is contractually governed with a written asset management agreement and a limited power of attorney, allowing us to manage your assets in keeping with the parameters agreed with you. 

The trading account opened with the bank is in your name and the bank provides you with regular account statements. These include all current transactions as well as details of the performance of your individual positions. This ensures full transparency and means that you always have a comprehensive overview of your capital.