About us

Swiss Finance AM was founded with the vision of connecting people with the global foreign exchange markets. Our focus is placed on offering private clients specific investment solutions that are tailored to their individual needs as closely as possible. In providing our services, we pool the immense expertise possessed by our traders, analysts and client advisors and draw on this specialist knowledge to make targeted use of investment instruments and implement trading strategies that offer above-average return opportunities. We strive for constant progress, as only in this way can we work in the interests of our clients to achieve their objectives on a continuous basis.

Our philosophy

Performance does not come about by chance. With us, it is the result of a multitude of factors, including our outstanding expertise, seasoned experience and the utilisation of technological progress. All of this enables us to ensure security and a consistent level of performance for our clients.

Swiss Finance AM – a name that stands for the highest quality in every respect. We attach great importance to visionary thinking, as this allows us to reach new milestones on a continuous basis. Proximity to our clients is very important to us; and our clients are just as diverse as the financial markets themselves, which is why our team focuses on tailoring individual solutions for each and every one of them based on their personal needs and risk appetite.